Welcome Easy Fares!

We have now launched our Easy Fares API. The Easy Fares API provides relevant and useful data on all fares that are not seasons or carnets, ranging from valid walk-up fares through to fares which are valid with a smartcard. (Seasons, carnets and rovers/rangers are already covered by our existing APIs.) Before I dive into … Continue reading “Welcome Easy Fares!”

Introducing our APIs!

Just keeping people up-to date with what we are currently working on at BR Fares. I wanted to write about our APIs, which we launched several months ago. See link below: https://www.brfares.com/api/ Why we chose to sell APIs? We chose to start selling our APIs because we saw a need to provide better quality and … Continue reading “Introducing our APIs!”

Family Areas on Trains – a good idea?

I would relish the opportunity to travel more often with my son and daughter on trains! Both love an adventure, and watching the world pass by out of the train window fills them with a sense of awe. If trains contained consistently-designated areas for parents travelling with very young children — Family-friendly Spaces — we … Continue reading “Family Areas on Trains – a good idea?”

The best part of my holiday – on the train!

One of my fondest memories was a trip to Devon on a GWR train. I was expecting to be sitting, or standing in an overcrowded train, at best there might be a trolley serving tea and coffee. I had assumed the journey would be unremarkable at best, stressful at worst and simply a way of … Continue reading “The best part of my holiday – on the train!”