The best part of my holiday – on the train!

One of my fondest memories was a trip to Devon on a GWR train. I was expecting to be sitting, or standing in an overcrowded train, at best there might be a trolley serving tea and coffee. I had assumed the journey would be unremarkable at best, stressful at worst and simply a way of … Continue reading “The best part of my holiday – on the train!”

On-train Catering – could it be better advertised?

Availability and Prominence of information on train catering Does it affect your journey decisions? On-train catering on scheduled train services in Great Britain can be superb, really a reason to make the effort to choose to travel on a particular train operator (TOC) or train. For example, a while back I needed to travel from … Continue reading “On-train Catering – could it be better advertised?”